Traffic light

Traffic light

Traffic light model used for the FPGA design competition is shown in the following figures.
The height of the traffic light from the ground is about 40 cm.
Traffic light operation

(a) Blue light turns on. (b) Yellow light turns on. (c) Red light turns on.

Traffic light model data

3D data (Google Drive)

Component list

Component list to make one traffic light is shown in the following table.

Item Product Maker Number
LED(green) 504BGC2E-G3-1BC Linkman 5
LED(yellow) HLMP-EL12 Broadcom Limited 5
LED(red) L5-EKR2530-12500 Linkman 5
MOSFET BS270 ON Semiconductor 3
resistance 1/4W 150Ω GB-CFR-1/4W-151*100 GB 1

Component list of connection cable from control device (DE1-SoC) to traffic lights is shown in the following table.

Item Product Maker
connector 2.54mm WINGONEER

Circuit of traffic light

Green LED driver circuit

Yellow LED driver circuit

Red LED driver circuit

GPIO(DE1-SoC) connection

GPIO0 connection

GPIO1 conneciton

Source files

Source file for signal control using DE1-SoC.