Young Mathematicians Workshop on Several Complex Variables and Complex Geometry 2017

December 9-11, 2017

School of Mathematical Sciences, Capital Normal University

The goal of this joint workshop is to bring together young researchers of China, Japan and Korea, working in several complex variables and complex geometry, to exchange ideas and facilitate collaborations, and provide a platform for junior mathematicians to present their recent works.

The workshop consists of 4 plenary lectures, and 15 research talks by young professors/postdocs/graduate students. December 8th is the arrival day. The program will start in the morning of 9th and end in the afternoon of 11th. We also plan to make a day tour on 12th. To register for the workshop, please contact one of the organizers directly.

Plenary Lectures

  • Fornæss, John Erik (NTNU): Holomorphic mappings
  • Kim, Kang-Tae (POSTECH): Riemann Mapping Theorem by Riemann’s viewpoint
  • Ohsawa, Takeo (Nagoya University): Nishino’s rigidity and questions on locally pseudoconvex maps
  • Wong, Bun (UC Riverside): Curvature and rational curves on complex manifolds


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Program and Abstracts (as of November 30th)

All the lectures will take place at Room 927 of Second Academic Building (新教二楼 927教室).
Abstracts PDF is here.

Friday, 8th
Registration at Jinlongtan Hotel (北京金龙潭大饭店)
Saturday, 9th
08:50–09:00 Opening
09:00–10:00 Fornæss, John Erik: Holomorphic mappings
10:20–11:00 Kikuta, Shin: Degeneration of positivity for log-canonical bundle and Kähler-Einstein metric
11:00–11:40 Li, Xiaoshan: Morse inequalities and Kodaira embedding theorem for CR manifolds with circle action
Group Photo / Lunch
14:00–15:00 Kim, Kang-Tae: Riemann Mapping Theorem by Riemann’s viewpoint
15:20–16:00 Nguyen, Ngoc Cuong: On the Hölder continuous subsolution problem for the complex Monge-Ampère equation
16:00–16:40 Park, Soohyun: Two types of Characterizations for exponentially weighted Bergman spaces
16:50–17:30 Fan, Xingya: Wavelets Transforms and Toeplitz Operators on Symmetric Siegel Domains
Banquet at Jinlongtan Hotel (北京金龙潭大饭店)
Sunday, 10th
09:00–10:00 Ohsawa, Takeo: Nishino’s rigidity and questions on locally pseudoconvex maps
10:20–11:00 Dinew, Sławomir: Upper contact sets for plurisubharmonic functions
11:00–11:40 Wang, Zhiwei: Recent Progress on Grauert-Riemenschneider type criterion
14:00–15:00 Wong, Bun: Curvature and rational curves on complex manifolds
15:20–16:00 Yuan, Yuan: Diameter rigidity for Kähler manifolds with positive bisectional curvature
16:00–16:40 Joo, Seungro: On boundary points at which the squeezing function tends to one
Tour to Nanluogu Alley (南锣鼓巷)
Monday, 11th
09:00–09:40 Harz, Tobias: On non-approximability of polynomial convex hulls by analytic varieties
09:40–10:10 Liu, Xiaojun: Upper Bounds of GCD Counting Function for Holomorphic Maps
10:30–11:10 Wang, Jianfei: The Roper-Suffridge extension operator and its applications to convex mappings
11:10–11:50 Ha, Jeongmin: A norm equivalence and characterizations for generalized Fock spaces
14:00–14:40 Kusakabe, Yuta: Dense holomorphic curves in spaces of holomorphic maps
14:40–15:20 Zhu, Zeping: Discrete Clifford analysis

Participants and Invited speakers (marked with *)

  • Adachi, Masanori (Shizuoka University)
  • Ahn, Taeyong (KIAS)
  • Chen, Daguang (Tsinghua University)
  • Deng, Fusheng (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Dinew, Sławomir (Jagiellonian University)*
  • Fan, Xingya (Guangzhou University)*
  • Fornæss, John Erik (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)*
  • Guan, Qi’An (Beijing University)
  • Ha, Jeongmin (Pusan National University)*
  • Hao, Yihong (Northwest University, China)
  • Harz, Tobias (Bergische Universität Wuppertal)*
  • He, Yong (Xinjiang Normal University)
  • Joo, Seungro (GAIA, POSTECH)*
  • Kikuta, Shin (Kogakuin University)*
  • Kim, Kang-Tae (GAIA, POSTECH)*
  • Kusakabe, Yuta (Osaka University)*
  • Li, Jun (Hunan University)
  • Li, Xiaoshan (Wuhan University)*
  • Lin, Bo (Capital Normal University)
  • Liu, Xiaojun (Shanghai Science and Technology University)*
  • Lu, Jin (Huzhou University)
  • Ma, Pan (Central South University)
  • Nagata, Yoshikazu (GAIA, POSTECH)
  • Nguyen, Ngoc Cuong (GAIA, POSTECH)*
  • Ning, Jiafu (Central South University)
  • Niu, Yanyan (Capital Normal University)
  • Ohsawa, Takeo (Nagoya University)*
  • Pan, Lishuang (Handan University)
  • Park, Soohyun (Pusan National University)*
  • Qiu, Chunhui (Xianmen University)
  • Ren, Xin’An (China University of Mining and Technology)
  • Rong, Feng (Shanghai Jiaotong University)
  • Shi, Yun (Zhejiang S&T college)
  • Wang, An (Capital Normal University)
  • Wang, Jianfei (Zhejiang Normal University)*
  • Wang, Miaomiao (Capital Normal University)
  • Wang, Zhiwei (Beijing Normal University)*
  • Wong, Bun (UC Riverside)*
  • Yamamori, Atsushi (Kogakuin University)
  • Yan, Qi-Ming (Tongji University)
  • Yang, Shichao (Shanghai Jiaotong University)
  • Yin, Wanke (Wuhan University)
  • Yoo, Sungmin (GAIA, POSTECH)
  • Yu, Guangsheng (Shanghai Science and Technology University)
  • Yuan, Yuan (Syracuse University)*
  • Zhang, Liyou (Capital Normal University)
  • Zhang, Shuo (Shanghai Jiaotong University)
  • Zhao Xin (Capital Normal University)
  • Zhong, Chengchen (Capital Normal University)
  • Zhu, Zeping (University of S&T of China)*
  • Zhou, Xiangyu (Chinese Academy of Sciences)


We gratefully acknowledge financial support for this workshop from

  • School of Mathematical Sciences, Capital Normal University
  • National Science Foundation of China


  • Wang, An (Capital Normal University)
  • Zhang, Liyou (Capital Normal University)
  • Adachi, Masanori (Shizuoka University) adachi.masanori (at)
  • Ahn, Taeyong (KIAS)
  • Deng, Fusheng (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Dong, Robert Xin (UC Riverside)
  • Yamamori, Atsushi (Kogakuin University)
  • Yan, Qi-Ming (Tongji University)

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