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Thank you for your interest in Nagayoshi Lab, Department of Informatics, Graduate School of Integrated Science and Technology, Shizuoka University.
As the chair of the laboratory, I would like to elaborate my feelings and vison that I consider through supervising students.
If you are a student with sympathy toward it, why don’t you become a member of the Nagayoshi Lab to polish yourself for your bright future?

1: Learning with a long-term time perspective
Those who study at a higher education institution like a university, I would like you to acquire knowledge that may not be useful as soon as you learn today, but that is the basis of your way of thinking for a few decades.
2: Learning with a high perspective, a wide field of view, and a variety of perspectives.
In particular, it is important for young people who have the potential to make significant leaps forward to deepen their specific areas of expertise, but it is also important to acquire a wide range of knowledge and liberal arts. For example, what do you think if you are in a higher position, what kind of view is displayed in adjacent fields, and what does it look like from the standpoint of the other party or a third party? Therefore, I would like you to absorb a wide range of knowledge and liberal arts in addition to your specialized fields.
3: Stick yourself to your ambition with a spirit of challenge, prompt action, without fear of failure.
If you think about things only for yourself, the value to society may be halved. In addition to properly establishing our own way of thinking, it is also important for you to develop the ability and spirit to present them to your fellow, and to execute them through cooperation. Even if something goes wrong, I believe that you can achieve your goal through learning from the failure.

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