Journals 1990-1999

T. Ernst, D. Munteanua, S. Cristoloveanua, T. Ouissea, S. Horiguchib, Y. Ono, Y. Takahashi, K. Murase:
Investigation of SOI MOSFETs with ultimate thickness
Microelectronics Engineering Vol. 48, No. 1-4, September (1999) 339 – 342.

T. Ouisse, D. Maude, S. Horiguchi, Y. Ono, Y. Takahashi, K. Murase, S. Cristoloveanu:
Subband structure and anomalous valley splitting in ultra-thin silicon-on-insulator MOSFETs
Physca B Vol. 249-251, No. 1, June (1998) 731 – 734.

Y. Ono, Y. Takahashi, S. Horiguchi, K. Murase, M. Tabe:
Electron tunneling from the edge of thin single-crystal Si layers through SiO2 film
J. Appl. Phys. Vol. 80, No. 8, October (1996) 4450 – 4457.

Y. Ono, M. Nagase, M. Tabe, Y. Takahashi:
Thermal agglomeration of thin single crystal Si on SiO2 in vacuum
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. Vol. 34, No. 4A, April (1995) 1728 – 1735.

Y. Takahashi, T. Furuta, Y. Ono, T. Ishiyama, M. Tabe:
Photoluminescence from a silicon quantum well formed on separation by implanted oxygen substrate
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. Vol. 34, No. 2B, February (1995) 950 – 954.

H. Kageshima, Y. Ono, M. Tabe, T. Ohno:
Origin of dark regions in scanning tunneling microscopy images formed by thermal oxidation of Si(111) surface
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. Vol. 33, No. 7A, July (1994) 4070 – 4074.

Y. Ono, M. Tabe, H. Kageshima:
Scanning-tunneling-microscopy observation of thermal oxide growth on Si(111)7×7 surfaces
Phys. Rev. B Vol. 48, No. 19, November (1993) 14291 – 14300.

Y. Ono, M. Tabe, Y. Sakakibara:
Segregation and defect termination of fluorine at SiO2/Si interfaces
Appl. Phys. Lett. Vol. 62, No. 4, January (1993) 375 – 377.

Y. Ono and T. Makino:
Influence of effective masses on the oscillation of Fowler-Nordheim tunneling in thin SiO2 MOS capacitors
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. Vol. 29, No. 11, November (1990) 2381 – 2385.