Exciting Shizuoka City tour with Meenu-san from India🇮🇳

      Exciting Shizuoka City tour with Meenu-san from India🇮🇳 はコメントを受け付けていません


Hi !! I’m Miya~ (*^_^*)

Today I’ll use English for post this blog!!

Because this is a kind of international event in Sanada Lab.

This trip is began from the request from Meenu-san, she requested us to take her to somewhere in Japan for sightseeing !!

And we decided to go Shizuoka city because from there we can see Mt.Fuji….

And this is our plan!!



9:00 Hamamatsu station

10:00 Kakegawa Michinoeki

11:00 Nanaya Makinohara

12:30 Miho no Matsubara world heritage

14:00 Lunch at East Shizuoka Station

16:00 Nihondaira Hotel

21:00 Hamamatsu Ichino Aeon mall


In this plan, we thought that we could see Beautiful land scape with Mt.Fuji for 2 times:)


Because of the cloud, we couldn’t see the Mt.Fuji during this trip…:((

It means Meeeeeeeeenu-san have to come Japan again for seeing Mt.Fuji :)hahaha

Thought we couldn’t see Mt,Fuji but we enjoyed food or sea , shopping, driving in Shizuoka city!

Thank you~ (^_^)v

post from Miya.)

Photo ↓↓↓

Eating Mocha (Green tea ) ice cream in Nanaya Makinohara

Nihondaira Hotel

Curry restaurant near east Shizuoka station

We can order vegetarian curry at this restaurant!!