2. Notes

  1. Skew monoid categories and derived equivalences, ICRA XIII held in Sao Paulo, 2008-08-08. (beamer pdf) (beamer handout)
  2. Covering functors, skew group categories and derived equivalences, RAQ held at Okayama University, 2008-05-26. pdf (in Japanese)
  3. Two topics in representation theory of algebras viewing from cyclic quivers and Dynkin graphs (derived equivalences and Hall algebras), special lecture at the annual meeting of Mathematical Society of Japan, held at Osaka City Unversity, 2006-09-19.
    (in Japanese, beamer pdf) (in Japanese, beamer handout)
  4. DG algebras and a Morita theorem of Rickard, RIMS seminar, 2005-10-08. pdf (handwritten notes)
  5. On Ringel-Hall algebras (an exposition in Japanese), Proc. 50-th Symposium on Algebra held at Tokushima University, ver. 2005-08. pdf (English translation pdf)
  6. Note on triangulated categories and Kac-Moody algebras (Talk at Paderborn, Sect. 1 to 4, Feb. 17, 2004) ver. 2004-02-19 pdf
  7. Covering technique for derived equivalences with application to derived equivalence classifications of selfinjective algebras (for non-specialists, still without figures), ver. 2003-11-30 pdf
  8. Note on representations of a quiver and right comodules over the path coalgebra of the quiver (with examples), ver. 2003-11-17 pdf
  9. Representations of quivers
    1. ver. 2014-07 (improved, still until section 3, numbering changed) pdf
    2. Japanese version in progress ver. 2007-11-06 (until section 4.2) pdf; Part II short course ver. 2008-01-29 pdf
    3. (Representation theory of algebras) article in “Suuri-kagaku, March 2008” (in Japanese, 7 pages) pdf
  10. Bocses and tame algebras, Proc. Symposium on representation theory of algebras held in 1988-12 at Yamanashi, Japan. (hand written in Japanese, 40 pages) pdf