Ishikawa Shogo Lab. Faculty of Informatics, Shizuoka University

Natural Intelligence × AI/XR technology = Well-being

We are working on research related to the development and evaluation of Well-being Copilot technology, which is capable of accompanying individuals.

Keywords: interactions, human interface, well-being, emotion thinking model, XR tech, LLM, human development


Through the understanding of interactions, we aim to learn from the diversity of fields and contribute to a broader sense of co-creation. Our objective is to devise mechanisms by which everyone can achieve well-being.


  • Cultivation of Thought Persistence:
    We advocate for continuously contemplating the theme without seeking answers in a hasty or oversimplified manner.
  • Interest in Phenomena (Field):
    We emphasize the ability to model phenomena and expand them into problems in computer science.
  • Fostering a Growth Mindset:
    Cultivating an environment where failure is not feared, and the team can engage cooperatively and empathetically to continually explore methods and solutions.
  • Innovation Skills:
    Constructing an environment where individuals can autonomously identify objectives and proactively engage with challenges.