Call For Papers

The prediction of human and vehicle mobility in a city is becoming attracting field. This topic attracts researchers in broad field from the behavioral science, where understanding the complexity of the human mobility behavior is one of the hot topic, to industrial field, which apply the result to many beneficial applications. Recent progress to sensing human mobility via smartphones is boosting this trend. However, due to the complexity and context-dependence of human behavior and the incompleteness and noise of geospatial data collecting from various sensors, the prediction of human and vehicle mobility is still far from solved.
This workshop aims at collecting contributions on the cutting-edge studies in human mobility description, modeling, intelligent computational method which can advance the human and vehicle prediction research. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:
  • The next location prediction of individual mobility
  • The crowd or population mobility prediction
  • Dynamics of pedestrian, commute flow and migration flow
  • Traffic congestion, road usage forecast and optimal vehicle routing
  • Social event forecast using geospatial data
  • Novel agent mobility simulator
  • Case study of mobility estimation in academia as well as in industrial field