Welcome to Hiro Tatsuoka Laboratory

Laboratory Introduction

In our laboratory in Electronics and Materials Science Course, electrical & electronic materials for the next generation are investigated. Until now, human activity has been expanding and all of things in our lives have become more comfortable and convenient due to the development of science and technology.  Science and technology will continue to make remarkable progress and the world will continue to grow more. But from now on, big changes are awaiting us that we have never had before, such as world-wide population expansion, environmental destruction and exhaustion of energy and resources.  In Japan, there is a drastically increasing old-aged population and decreasing young population. Value or  importance of science and technology will change in this world surrounded by such an environment.

For example, when the problem described occurs remarkably, everyone will undergo changes in their life involving activities with welfare ( or medical ) work or environmental protection, whether we like to or not. Our research group centers on (1) the developments of energy devices using renewable energy for sustainable society, (2) the developments of nanotechnological devices for safe and welfare society in future.

We should remind that all electronic materials were originally mined from nature and any technology is the result of application of nature ( physical ) laws for human use.  Our laboratory is looking for what science and technology should be, thinking from a field of electric & electronic materials, for future generations to receive the benefits of the nature.