[Important Notice]
September 11, 2020

【The Attention of The 64thTEAC will Now Turn to Ensuring as Follow】
Symposium on the Chemistry of Terpenes, Essential Oil and Aromatics (TEAC) 2020 Meeting will be Switching to Hold It in the Abstract Book Issue

President, The TEAC
Yoshinori ASAKAWA

Chair of the TEAC2020 Meeting
Nobuyuki MASE

Director, The TEAC

Because of the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus as well as the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s message towards events’ organizers, we regret to inform you that we decided to cancel the TEAC2020 Meeting, which was scheduled from Saturday, October 24 to Monday, October 26 at Hamamatsu Campus, Shizuoka University. Please accept our deepest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

The following are our policies for this meeting.

  • Abstracts will be published on October 24, 2020 and will be publicized as planned. Accordingly, this TEAC2020 Meeting shall be regarded as held and the presentations shall be regarded as conducted at the meeting.
  • We will not refund the registration fee to the pre-registrants.
  • Speakers who have not paid the registration fees are requested to pay the pre-registration fee by bank transfer. We will inform it to each person in detail later by e-mail.
  • We will refund the reception fee that you have already paid to us. Regarding the refund method, we will inform it to each person concerned by e-mail.


Symposium on the Chemistry of Terpenes, Essential Oils and Aromatics (The 64th TEAC in HAMAMATSU)

October 24-26, 2020, Hamamatsu, Japan
Symposium Venue: Shizuoka University (Access)

  • Organized by:  Symposium on the Chemistry of Terpenes, Essential Oils and Aromatics
  • Co-organized by:  The Chemical Society of Japan, The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, The Japanese Society of Pharmacognosy, Shizuoka University, Research Institute of Green Science and Technology
  • Supported by:  The Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry, The Japan Oil Chemists’ Society, The Japanese Society for Process Chemistry, The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan, Shizuoka Prefecture, Hamamatsu City, Hamamatsu City Board of Education, Hamamatsu and Lake Hamana Tourism Bureau


May 7, 2019
Registration for this symposium is now open.

November 1, 2019
The website of TEAC2020 (The 64th Symposium on the Chemistry of Terpenes, Essential Oils and Aromaticsin HAMAMATSU) was opened.

Symposium Topics
A Essential Oil Chemistry
B Terpenoid Chemistry
C Biological Chemistry
D Flavor and Fragrance Science


Special Lectures
1.  Stereoselective syntheses of isoprenoids and flavonoids by use of pericyclic reaction
Kiyoshi HONDA(Yokohama National University)

2.  Chemical diversity of Ligularia species collected in the Hengduan Mountains of China
Chiaki KURODA(Rikkyo University)

3.  What is good music?


Plenary Lectures
1.  Perfume compounds and natural products synthesis –A personal account–
Hirosato TAKIKAWA(The University of Tokyo)

2.  Bioconversion of terpenes and fermentative production of aroma compounds with interface bioprocesses
Shinobu ODA (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)

3.  Antimicrobial effect of the volatiles and their related compounds
Yasuo TANAKA(Taiyo Corporation)


Date  October 25, 2020 (Sun)
Venue   Okura Act City Hotel Hamamatsu
Fee   \8,000(after Aug. 7, \9,000)


Date   October 26, 2020 (Mon)
Hamamatsu tour  \7,000(after Aug. 7, \8,000)


Registration Fee(JPY)

  • Regular Participants  \3,500(after Aug. 7, \4,500)
  • Irregular Participants  \4,000(after Aug. 7, \5,000)
  • Students  \2,500(after Aug. 7, \3,500)
  • Abstract】  \3,500(after Aug. 7, \5,000) a participant buys one


Application of Oral Presentation   July 3, 2020 (Fri)
Abstract Submission  August 7, 2020 (Fri)
Early Registration Payment   August 7, 2020 (Fri)


Registration Desk
Chairperson:  Prof. Dr. Nobuyuki MASE
Department of Applied Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering,  Faculty of Engineering, Shizuoka University,
3-5-1 Johoku, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka 432-8561, Japan
E-mail:teac2020@shizuoka.ac.jp  URL : https://wwp.shizuoka.ac.jp/teac2020/