Conference Focus

The International Conference on Global Research and Education, Inter-Academia is the continuation of the thriving event series organized by the Inter-Academia community every autumn since 2002. These conferences serve as foot-stones of the international scientific network promoting Inter-Academia philosophy and the academic and social interactions among professors, researchers, and students of the Shizuoka University and Eastern-Central and Eastern European Universities.

In 2023, the conference will be held at Shizuoka University, Hamamatsu, Japan. The main goal of Inter-Academia 2023 is to provide a well set up international forum to review, stimulate, and understand the recent trend of basic and applied research as well as the educational programs and training for students. Besides the interest in the recent research results of the participants and the introduction of the conference host’s local research communities to main research partners of Inter-Academia, we hope that the conference will contribute to new theoretical and practical achievements in the focused fields of research.

Special sessions for young researchers and students will be included, which will offer young talents a chance to present their research in short oral presentations and posters. The awards will be given to the best presenters.

Conference Topics

  1. Material science and technology
  2. Nanotechnology and nanometrology
  3. Biotechnology and environmental engineering
  4. Plasma and high-energy physics and technology
  5. Photonics and optics
  6. Manufacturing technology
  7. Signal and image processing
  8. Electric and electronic engineering
  9. Measurement, identification, and control
  10. Informatics, artificial intelligence, and soft computing
  11. Modeling and diagnostics
  12. Robotics and precision engineering
  13. Statistics and analysis
  14. Social science and education