Proceedings / Publication

Proceedings will be published in the form of “Selected Papers of the 20th International Conference on Global Research and Education (Inter-Academia) 2023” after peer-review by Springer, as part of the series “Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems” (Editors: Prof. Yukinori Ono and Prof. Jun Kondoh).

We look forward to your submissions following the instructions below.

1. Template for Proceedings Paper

Please download the template file from the following link and use it to prepare the manuscript. The manuscript will be considered as Selected Paper for publication after completion of the peer-reviewing process.

Springer Conference Proceedings template

2. Contributor Agreement form

To publish the papers, we need to receive the Contributor Agreement form from the authors. Please download the form from the following link, fill it out on the first and last page, and submit it in the “Complemental Archive” tab, at the same time with your main manuscript.

Ono_89265763_Recent Advances in Technology Research and Education_Springer…r_LTP

3. Using Third Party Materials

If authors wish to use third-party materials, please ask for permission; Springer forms can be downloaded below.

Permissions Request Form

4. Submission

Please submit your paper and Contributor Agreement form via the EquinOCS submission system.

Submission deadline (extended): October 4th, 2023 (Wed) October 11th, 2023 (Wed)

Public landing page: EquinOCS submission system

If you don’t have an EquinOCS account, please register in a few minutes before submission, using the following link: EquinOCS home