International Advisory Board

International Advisory Board for ISSM 2008

Current status of 26th May, 2008

The advisory board members are selected basically from the international committee of ISSM. Preparation procedure will be informed to the members occasionally to inquire their suggestions and recommendations. Organizing committee may ask other assistance to the board members to carry out the symposium successfully.

Members *******************************************

ISSM President
Hans-Jørgen Albrechtsen, Technical University of Denmark
ISSM President-elect
Frederick S. ColwellOregon State University, USA

William C. Ghiorse, Cornell University,USA
Ronald W. HarveyU.S.Geological Survey,USA
Karsten Pedersen, Goeteborg University, Sweden
Joseph Suflita, University of Oklahoma, USA
Rainer U. Meckenstock, Helmholtz Center Munich, Germany
Grant Ferris, University of Toronto, Canada
Richard L. SmithU.S.Geological Survey, USA
Jens Aamand, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Danielle Fortin, Ottawa University, Canada
R. John Parkes, University of Cardiff, UK

Liaison from ISME (ISME President)
Hilary M. Lappin-Scott, Exeter University, United Kingdom