From synthesis to recycling of plastics
Researches to functionize plastics, fibers, and rubber.
(toughness, adhesion, optical and electric properties, etc.)

  • Copolymerization with functional monomers
  • Control of the surface structure
  • Control the higher structure of materials with electric or magnetic field
  • Hybridization organic and inorganic materials
  • Development of functional materials which can be recycled
  • Structural analysis of polymer in solution or gel


Research topics

  • Oligomerization of polymers in oils
  • Mechanism of Adhesion
  •  Impact-resistance and molecular mobility at the surface of polycarbonates
  • Synthesis of ferroelectric polymers
  • Electric properties of biodegradable poly lactic acid
  • Thermal properties of polymers at the interface with metal
  • Poly(L-lactic acid) gel induced by complex crystals with solvents
  • Helical structure and viscosity of renatured xanthan
  • Polymer complex of poly(oxazoline) and poly(methacrylic acid)