Reserch Topics

    • A Study on Meteor Burst Communications(MBC)
      When meteors enter Earth”s atmosphere, ionized gas columns remain at the trails of meteors. This ionized gas column is called “meteor burst”. MBCs is an over-the-horizon telecommunication system using the signal propagation from the meteor burst. Although transmission rate of MBCs is smaller than that of satellite communications and HF communications, MBCs achiveve simplicity of implementation and operation, and lower initial and running costs. Thus they are utilized for environment monitoring system, etc. In the laboratory, we study to improve performance of MBC by using computer simulations and experiments.
Antennas Photo of Meteor Burst Communications Principle of Meteor Burst Communications
    • Implementation of Visible Light Communications(VLCs)
      Today, LED lighting is widely used not only for home lighting but also for traffic signals, etc. VLCs use visible lights as a carrier to achieve data transmission. In this laboratory, we try to improve VLC systems based on parallel transmission. The parallel transmission can be achieved by plural light sources and each light source can be distinguished by using image processing.
VLC experiment using LED array VLC experiment using LCD
  • Elemental Techniques of Wireless Communications
    In recent years, with rapid development of telecommunication technology, mobile phones, smart phones, and wireless Lans are widely used in worldwide. Modulation and demodulation schemes, multiple access techniques, coding schemes, etc have very important role for wireless telecommunications. In this laboratory, we study novel elemental techniques for wireless communications. Most of studies are carried out form the theoretical view and done by computer simulations. We also make some experiments to examine proposed techniques.Digital

Multiple Access, CDMA
CSMA based MAC Protocols
Forward Error Correction
LDPC Codes and Turbo Codes