The Creative Science Course, aka. CSC, was created in 2016 at the Shizuoka University Faculty of Science. The CSC is an undergraduate curriculum which aims to train students in science to:
– become independent researcher;
– to obtain perspectives in advance science, innovation and society;
– to develop scientific English skills and widen international vision.

The course is particularly fitted for the students with the following questions and life objectives in mind while entering university.
– “Which department suit my interest and aptitude?”
-> In CSC you can study several specialized fields and choose your major after the first year.

– “I want to broaden my global vision and be active internationally in the future!”
-> During your curriculum as a CSC student you will study Science in English and acquire an international sense.

– “I want to acquire knowledge and skills in natural science that can be useful for the society!”
-> At CSC we aim for new problem-solving science!

In addition to obtaining academic knowledge and the ability to solve problems in basic sciences, we aim for the student to obtain leadership ability in science through training in English communication and giving you a global vision perspective.