Tsuchiya Asato

CSC Head

B.S. Univ. of Tokyo (JP)   PhD. Univ. of Tokyo (JP)

I feel that the bond between students and faculty staff is really close in the CSC, which will greatly help you to accomplish your aims in the CSC. Thus it is important to interact with the staff and students proactively. I hope that you will make the most of this opportunity to be active in various fields in the future.

Dur Gaël


B.S. Lille Univ. (FR)            PhDs. NTOU (TW) / Lille U (FR)

I was blessed to being trained in four different countries and two continents. This gave me a large viewpoint that I apply in my research and daily life. Being part of a course that brings in one place all the benefits of being trained in a multicultural environment is thrilling. I hope the students will enjoy this opportunity offered by the CSC and make the most of it for their future.

Kusakabe Makoto

B.S. Hokkaido Univ. (JP)      PhD. Otago Univ. (NZ)

It is undoubtedly important that students acquire knowledge on particular subjects, but one of the most important aspects of university studies is to develop in students the skills to ask “why?” and the ability to apply their knowledge to think, “How can it be answered?” This questioning approach is a skill that I would like students to acquire from their CSC studies.

Mejia Diego

B.S. Univ. of Antioquia (CO)    PhD. Kobe Univ. (JP)

Besides providing scientific education in an international framework, we offer our students the chances to take the initiative to ask their own scientific questions and we support them to attack these questions with their own ideas. As a result, they can appropriate their own scientific knowledge. During the first two years in CSC, I have been impressed at how our students face these challenges very positively.



Takeuchi Hiro-aki

B.S. Hiroshima Univ. (JP)       PhD. Tokyo Univ. (JP)

The Creative Science Course is a novel challenge of Shizuoka University. This course has students and staff full of challenging spirit. I hope that all the members will make use of this environment and opportunities, will work hard on their own initiative and contribute to the creation of a brilliant future.

Tsukada Naofumi

B.S. Tohoku Univ. (JP)    PhD. Tohoku Univ. (JP)

When you begin to study science in university, you will find new fascinating aspects of science. How would you like to choose your major field of study after learning various fields of science in CSC for one year? The knowledge over many fields will help you to create new subjects and challenges of science, and new fields of science in future.