The 2nd Special Lecture in Management III, May 30, 2021

投稿者: | 2021年5月11日

The 2nd Special Lecture in Management III will be held as follows. This time, we decided to hold a face-to-face seminar and a webinar by YouTube or Microsoft Teams at the same time.

Title: “Global management and human resources strategy” After CORONA
– Think how to implement diversity management learned from GAFA –

Speaker: Professor Yoshihiro Fujimaki (Shizuoka University Organization for International Collaboration)

Date & Time: May 30, Sunday, 2021; 10:00 – 12:15

Venue: Room 5-11, Building 5, Faculty of Engineering, Shizuoka University
Free participation
Parking available

Face-to-face seminar & Webinar on YouTube / Microsoft Teams

  • Those who can come directly to the venue do not need to apply.
  • If you prefer the webinar, please apply by Thursday, May 27. You can take this course if you have email software and a web browser.
  • See the flier for application information

Organizer: Management of Business Development Course, Graduate School of Integrated Science & Technology, Shizuoka University

Sponsored by: Hamamatsu Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Hamamatsu Agency of Innovation; Regional Collaboration Division, Center for Creative Engineers, Shizuoka University