To foreign students

Welcome to the Web site of Management of Business Development Course, Department of Engineering, Graduate School of Integrated Science and Technology, Shizuoka University.

This course is fundamentally designed for working students to study management of technology (MOT), not MBA. The most of our students work in companies in day time, as businesspeople or engineers, and study in night and weekend in our campus. So, we have classes in evening of weekday and day time in weekend.

In addition, we expect student’s research plan is about a study of a solution for concrete management problems in his/her working places or a study of development of a new business/project/enterprise. We are always waiting proposals of researches from students. In other words, we do not provide any research projects you can join.

You can choose one of two options in entrance examination. Asia Bridge Program (ABP) and usual program.


Asia Bridge Program

The master’s degree program of ABP in the Department of Engineering is as follows:

  • The selected students from Asian countries can study without the first-year tuition.
  • The most of classes are in English.
  • The entrance examination is operated by the Department of Engineering. It means that your fundamental knowledge about engineering is tested in the examination.

For detail, see ABP-SU Web site, .


Usual Entrance Examination

In usual entrance examination,

  • The entrance examination is operated by the Management of Business Development course. In the entrance examination, your basic knowledge about MOT and your research plan are tested.
  • You have two chances of examinations in a year, January and August.
  • The most of classes are in Japanese. But you can choose some English classes.

The entrance examination consists of two parts, writing examination and interview examination. In the writing examination, your basic knowledge about MOT is examined. But if you have more than five years of job experiences, you are waived the writing examination. On the other hand, all of students have to pass the interview examination. In the interview examination, your research plan is examined.

For detail, See the Web page of admission for master’s programs in Shizuoka University, , or the Web site of Management of Business Development, , however, these are written in Japanese. Or contact us, mot[at] .


The research plan

In the both of examinations, ABP exam and usual one, your research plan will be examined. The research plan should include,

  • description of the problem to be solved, as an introduction,
  • research aim and goal of the research, and
  • method(s) to reach the goal.


Academic supervisor

If you want to enter our course, contact prospective supervisor before your application. Specialties of respective professors are shown in this Web page in Japanese.

In English, see the following pages:


Contact us

If you have questions, contact us, mot[at] .