Bachelor Thesis, Master’s Thesis, Doctoral Dissertation

Past Graduation Thesis, Master’s Thesis, Doctoral Dissertation (examples)

<Bachelor Thesis>

・ Environment learned from traditional thought and the relationship between humans: From the perspective of Shinbutsu Shugo


・ Cultural conflict over “biodiversity” – From the perspective of the Third World


・ Agricultural as labor: Based on the Ojiro district of Umegashima, Shizuoka city


・ Thinking about the mechanism for the reconstruction of the marginal village – From the Ojiro district farming experience learning


・ Matagi research in the Shirakami Mountains: Around Matagi’s view of nature


・ The value of parks in modern cities – From parks without children-


・ Exploring the possibility of civic movements related to the environment — Through the case of Nakatajima Sand Dunes


・ In search of a new relationship between the environment and the economy – With EF Schumacher


・ Why do you tease? — Individuals within a group


・ Possibility of community revitalization explored from the way of life of rural women


・ What does it mean to “protect nature”? Learn from Matagi, a Meya in the Shirakami Mountains.


・ How to perceive life – Using Matagi, who lives in the blessings of the Shirakami Mountains, as a clue-


・ “Mental monoculture” and its consequences


・ What does it mean to live together? Using the meaning of “weakness” in “Moomin fairy tales” as a clue


・ What does it mean to cherish life? Using the experience of eating what you have grown as a clue


・ What kind of activity is living together? Using the relationship between Mieko Kamiya and leprosy patients as a clue


・ Elderly care guided by “normalization” – Challenge of social welfare corporation Kirakuen


・ What kind of activity is “eating”? Using Yoshiko Tatsumi’s “food” as a clue


・ Why we must stop climate change — Each person stands up and challenges the crisis together


・ What does “delicious” mean? – An approach from the perspective of intelligence and senses


・ What is the ideal way of human beings to be protected? – The ideological confrontation between Nausicaa and the graveyard


・ From “lending a hand” to “joining hands” — For social change through an interactive approach


<Master’s Thesis>


・ The ideal way of “self-actualization” to live rooted in the community: Taking the Lembo plan in Nagai City, Yamagata Prefecture as an example


・ Consideration on the use of genetic resources and profit sharing in the Convention on Biological Diversity: From the analysis of the Nagoya Protocol


・ Land use in Inner Mongolia, Ordos, China – To overcome the crisis of desertification and sandstorms


・ What is the “goodness” of living with nature? Taking Akahone Island as an example


・ What is a sustainable and “welfare” urban transportation system? From the history of transportation in Shizuoka City


・ Environmental policy in Japan and China: From the experience of Minamata disease


・ Reconstruction of a rural community using “Homecoming Day” as a clue: Taking the Ojiro village of Umegashima, Shizuoka as an example


・ City as a place to live – In search of city planning for humans


・ The ideal way of “self-actualization” through rural life – In search of “living well” in modern society


・ Rural development and human development: Using the Sarvodaya Shramadana movement as a clue


・ Possibility of “water autonomy” to illuminate from water problems in mountainous areas -Using “village water supply” in the headwaters of the Abe River as a clue


<Doctoral Dissertation>


・ Effect of Entrepreneurial Orientation on Business Performance of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs)

・ Construction of regionalist model in cities in the era of population decline – Regional research on urban management and regional community reform of ordinance-designated city “Kitakyushu City”


Employment Status


General companies (JR East, Public Interest Company, Endo Kagaku, Gifu Credit Bank, Shizuoka Yakizu Credit Bank, Chateraise, Hyojin Equipment, Yakiniku Traji, etc.), Public Employees (Shimizu Town, Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture), High School Teachers (Tokushima Prefectural Josai) High school, Shizuoka Prefectural Fujieda Kita High School, etc.), university staff (Shizuoka University), university faculty (University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka), management nutritionist, farming, environmental activist, landscaping, advancement (Shizuoka University master’s and doctoral courses)