English Papers

English Papers(*;corresponding author)

S-Adenosylhomocysteine Analogue of a Fairy Chemical,
Imidazole-4-carboxamide, as its Metabolite in Rice and Yeast and Synthetic Investigations of Related Compounds

Hitoshi Ouchi, Takuya Namiki, Kenji Iwamoto, Nobuo Matsuzaki, Makoto
Inai, Mihaya Kotajima, Jing Wu, Jae-Hoon Choi, Yoko Kimura, Hirofumi
Hirai, Xiaonan Xie, Hirokazu Kawagishi*, and Toshiyuki Kan
J. Nat. Prod. 2021, 84, 2, 453–458


Role of Atg8 in the regulation of vacuolar membrane invagination


Ishii A, Kurokawa N, Hotta M, Yoshizaki S, Kurita M, Koyano A,Nakano A and Kimura Y*.
Scientific Reports.  9: Article No. 14828, 2019

Parkin-mediated ubiquitylation redistributes MITOL/March5 from mitochondria to peroxisomes

​Koyano F, Yamano K, Kosako H, Kimura Y, Kimura M, Fujiki Y,Tanaka K, and Matsuda N
EMBO Reports  20(12) e47728, 2019

Accelerated invagination of vacuoles as a stress response in chronically heat-stressed yeasts.

Ishii A, Kawai M, Noda H, Kato H, Takeda K, Asakawa K, Ichikawa Y, Sasanami T, Tanaka K, and Kimura Y*.   Scientific Reports. 8: Article No. 2644, 2018

Improvement in cognitive function with green soybean extract may be caused by increased neuritogenesis and BDNF expression.
Pervin M, Unno K, Nakayama Y, Ikemoto H, Imai S, Iguchi K, Minami A, Kimura Y and Nakamura Y.   J. Food Processing and Technology. 8:1000695, 2017

Conserved Mode of Interaction between Yeast Bro1 Family V Domains and YP(X)nL Motif-Containing Target Proteins


Kimura Y*, Tanigawa M, Kawawaki J, Takagi K, Mizushima T, Maeda T, Tanaka K.
Eukaryot Cell. 10:976-82. 2015

Rescue of a growth defect from a GPI10 mutation by VCP/Cdc48


Ohnuma Y, Takata T, Kawawaki J, Yasuda K, Tanaka K, Kimura Y*, and Kakizuka A*.
FEBS Lett.589:576-80.2015

The ESCRT-III adaptor protein Bro1 controls functions of regulator for free ubiquitin chains 1 (Rfu1) in ubiquitin homeostasis.


Kimura Y*, Kawawaki J, Kakiyama Y, Shimoda A, and Tanaka K.
J. Biol. Chem. 289:21760-21769. 2014

Ubiquitin is phosphorylated by PINK1 to activate parkin.


Koyano F, Okatsu K, Kosako H, Tamura Y, Go E, Kimura M. Kimura Y, Tsuchiya H, Yoshihara H, Hirokawa T, Endo T, Fon E, Trempe J, Saeki Y, Tanaka K, and Matsuda N.
Nature 510:162-166. 2014

Different dynamic movements of wild-type and pathogenic VCPs and their cofactors to damaged mitochondria in a Parkin-mediated mitochondrial quality control system.


Kimura Y*, Fukushi J, Hori S, Matsuda N, Okatsu K, Kakiyama Y, Kawawaki J, Kakizuka A and Tanaka K.
Genes Cells 18:1131-1143. 2013

Rescue of growth defects of yeast cdc48 mutants by pathogenic IBMPFD-VCPs.


Takata T, Kimura Y*, Ohnuma Y, Kawawaki J, Kakiyama Y, Tanaka K, and Kakizuka A*.
J.Struct. Biol. 179:93-103. 2012

Huntingtin aggregation kinetics and their pathological role in a Drosophila Huntington’s disease model.

Weiss K, Kimura Y, Lee W, and Littleton T.
Genetics 190:581-600. 2012

Regulatory mechanisms involved in the control of ubiquitin homeostasis.

Kimura Y* and Tanaka K.
J.Biochem. 147:793-798. 2010

An inhibitor of deubiquitinating enzyme regulates ubiquitin homeostasis.

Kimura Y*, Yashiroda H, Kudo T, Koitabashi S, Murata S, Kakizuka A and Tanaka K.
Cell 137:549-559. 2009

p97valosin-containing protein (VCP) is highly modulated by phosphorylation and acetylation.

Mori-Konya C, Kato N, Maeda R, Yasuda K, Higashimae N, Noguchi M, Koike M, Kimura Y, Ohizumi H, Hori S, and Kakizuka A.
Genes Cells 14:483-497. 2009

Therapeutic prospects for the prevention of neurodegeneration in Huntington’s disease and the polyglutamine repeat disorders.

Kimura Y, Lee WX, and Littleton JT.
Rev Med Chem. 7: 99-106. 2007

ATPase activity of VCP is regulated by oxidative modification of the evolutionally conserved cysteine 522 residue in walker A motif.

Noguchi M, Tanaka T, Kimura Y, A, Murakami K. Koike M, Ohizumi H, Hori S, and Kakizuka A.
J. Biol. Chem. 280:41332-41. 2005

The role of pre-existing aggregates in Hsp104-dependnent polyglutamine aggregate formation and epigenetic change of yeast prions.

Kimura Y*, Koitabashi S, Kakizuka A, and Fujita T.
Genes Cells 9:685-696. 2004

Analysis of yeast prion aggregates with amyloid-staining compound in vivo.

Kimura Y*, Koitabashi S. and Fujita T.
Cell Struc. Func. 28:187-193. 2003

Polyglutamine diseases and molecular chaperones.

Kimura Y, and Kakizuka A
IUBMB Life 55: 337-345. 2003

Circumvention of chaperone requirement for aggregate formation of a short polyglutamine tract by the co-expression of a long polyglutamine tract.

Kimura Y*, Koitabashi S, Kakizuka A, and Fujita T.
J.Biol. Chem. 277: 37536-37541. 2002

Interaction between the N-terminal and middle regions is essential for the in vivo function of HSP90 molecular chaperone.

Matsumoto S, Tanaka E, Nemoto T, Ono T, Takagi T, Imai J, Kimura Y, Yahara I, Kobayakawa T, Ayuse T, Oi K, and Mizuno A.
J.Biol. Chem. 277:34959-34966. 2002

Initial process of polyglutamine aggregate formation in vivo.

Kimura Y*, Koitabashi S, Kakizuka A, and Fujita T.
Genes Cells 6:887-897. 2001

VCP/p97 in abnormal protein aggregates, cytoplasmic vacuoles, and cell death, phenotypes relevant to neurodegeneration.

Hirabayashi M, Inoue K, Tanaka K, Nakadate K, Ohsawa Y, Kamei Y, Popiel A H, Sinohara A, Iwamatsu A, Kimura Y, Uchiyama Y, Hori S, and Kakizuka A.
Cell Death Differ. 8: 977-984. 2001

Cdc37 is a molecular chaperone with specific functions in signal transduction.

Kimura Y, Rutherford S, Miyata Y, Yahara I, Freeman B C, Yue L, Morimoto R I, and Lindquist S.
Genes and Dev. 11:1775-1785. 1997

Saccharomyces cerevisiae Hsp90.
Kimura Y, and Lindquist SL.
In “Guidebook to Molecular Chaperones and Protein-folding catalysis. (ed. M-J. Gething). pp152-154. 1997

Role of protein chaperone YDJ1 in establishing Hsp90-mediated signal transduction pathways.

Kimura Y, Yahara I, and Lindquist S.
Science 268:1362-1365. 1995

Temperature-sensitive mutants of hsp82 of the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Kimura Y, Matsumoto S, and Yahara I.
Mol. Gen. Genet. 242:517-527. 1994

The carboxyl-terminal region of mammalian HSP90 is required for its dimerization and function in vivo.

Minami, Y, Kimura Y, Kawasaki H, Suzuki K. and Yahara I.
Mol. Cell. Biol. 14:1459-1464. 1994

Structure and function of the 90-kDa stress protein, HSP90.
Yahara I, Minami Y, Yonehara M, Kimura Y, and Miyata Y.
J. UEOH 15:50-54. 1993

An alteration in molecular form associated with activation of human heat shock factor.

Kimura Y, Taniguchi T, and Yahara I.
Cell Struc. Func. 16:263-271. 1991

HSP90, a carrier of key proteins that regulates cell function.
Yahara I, Miyata Y, Minami Y, Kimura Y, Matsumoto S, Koyasu S, Yonezawa N, Nishida E, and Sakai H.
In “Heat Shock” (B. Maresca and S. Lindquist eds) Springer-Verlag. pp119-122. 1991

Induction of the transcription factor IRF-1 and interferon-b mRNAs by cytokines and activators of second-messenger pathways.
Fujita T, Reis L, Watanabe N, Kimura Y, Taniguchi T, and Vilcek J.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 86:9936-9940. 1989

Structurally similar but functionally distinct factors, IRF-1 and IRF-2, bind to the same regulatory elements of IFN and IFN-inducible genes.
Harada H, Fujita T, Miyamoto M, Kimura Y, Maruyama M, Furia A, Miyata, T and Taniguchi T.
Cell 58:729-739. 1989

Involvement of a cis-element that binds an H2TF-1/NF kB like factor(s) in the virus-induced interferon-b gene expression
Fujita T, Miyamoto M, Kimura Y, Hammer J, and Taniguchi T.
Nucl. Acid Res. 17:3335-3346. 1989

Induction of endogenous IFN-a and IFN-b genes by a regulatory transcription factor, IRF-1.
Fujita T, Kimura Y, Miyamoto M, Barsoumian E, and Taniguchi T.
Nature 337:270-272. 1989

Evidence for a nuclear factor(s), IRF-1, mediated induction and silencing properties to human IFN-b gene regulatory elements.
Fujita T, Sakakibara J, Sudo Y, Miyamoto M, Kimura Y, and Taniguchi T.
EMBO J. 7:3397-3405. 1988

Regulated expression of a gene encoding a nuclear factor, IRF-1 that specifically binds to IFN-b gene regulatory elements.
Miyamoto M, Fujita T, Kimura Y, Maruyama M, Harada H, Sudo Y, T. Miyata T, and Taniguchi T. Cell 54:903-913. 1988

Molecular cloning of a gene encoding transcription factor, IRF-1, that mediates IFN-b gene expression.
Fujita T, Miyamoto M, Kimura Y, Sakakibara J, Sudo Y, Maruyama M, Mori H, and Taniguchi T.
The Biology of the Interferon System (Y. Kawade and S. Kobayashi eds) pp25-32. 1988

Cytokine gene expression: Regulation in the type I IFN and the IL-2 systems.
Taniguchi T, Fujita T. Yamada G. Miyamoto M. Harada H. Kimura Y. Maruyama M. and Shibuya H.
The Biology of the Interferon System (Y. Kawade and S. Kobayashi eds) p3-10. 1988