Inspection Device

◆Name:Scanning Electron Microscope
◆Model number:JSM-7600F
◆Manufacturer:JEOL (Introduction page of product)
◆Use:High resolution observation
Secondary electron resolution…1.0 nm (15 kV), 1.5 nm (1 kV)
Magnification…×25 ~ ×1,000,000 (With an image size of 120 nm × 90 nm)
Acceleration voltage…0.1 kV ~ 30 kV
Probe current…1 pA ~ 200 nA
Detector…Upper detector, Lower detector
Sample exchange chamber…One action exchange function built-in
Sample stage…Eucentric, 5 axis motor drive
 X-Y…70 mm × 50 mm
 Inclination…-5° ~ +70°
 Working distance…1.5 mm ~ 25 mm
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◆Name:Scanning Type Probe Microscope System
◆Model number:SPI3800
◆Use:Surface shape observation of micro regions, measurement of electrical and mechanical properties.
X, Y scanning voltage…±200 [V] max
Servo voltage…±200 [V] max
Scan method…DA converter control method by DSP program
Maximum measurement data…1024 × 1024 data
Simultaneous measurement…Simultaneous 4-channel measurement with 512 × 512 max data
Software…Measurement function, data correction function, 3D display function, data analysis function, file operation function
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◆Name:Semiconductor & FPD Inspection Microscope
◆Model number:MX51
◆Manufacturer:OLIMPUS (Introduction page of product)
◆Use:Observation with visible light, deep ultraviolet light.
(1)Optical system…UIS 2 optical system (Infinity correction)
(2)Aiming part
 Stroke…32 mm
 Driving resolution…Fine motion handle 1 turn 0.1 mm
 Maximum specimen height…30 mm
 6 x 6 inch handle…158 (X) × 158 (Y) mm
 4 x 4 inch handle…100 (X9 × 105 (Y) mm
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◆Name:Digital Microscope
◆Model number:DSX500
◆Manufacturer:OLIMPUS (Introduction page of product)
Zoom ratio…13.5 (Optical zoom 0.26 x – 3.5 x), 30 (Digital zoom)
Stroke of aiming part…95 mm
Minimum resolution…0.01 μm
Maximum specimen height…95 mm
Stage stroke…100 × 100 mm
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◆Name:Thickness Monitor
◆Model number:FE-3000
◆Manufacturer:Otsuka Electronics (Introduction page of product)
◆Use:Film thickness analysis by optical interferometry
Sample size…Maximum 200 mm × 200 mm × 7 (thickness) mm
Number of measurable layer…5 layers
Film thickness measurement range…1 nm ~ 40 μm
Spectroscope…Blazed holographic type
Film thickness accuracy…
 < 1 μm:Within the guarantee range of film thickness of NIST certified sample (SiO2 / Si)
 ≧ 1 μm:±0.2 %
Stage stroke…X: 200 mm, Y: 250 mm, Z: 10 mm
Stage drive resolution…1 μm
Measurement software…Manual measurement / continuous measurement / mapping measurement / simultaneous measurement – calculation function
Analysis software…Nonlinear Least Square Method / Peak Valley Method / FFT Analysis Method / Optimization Method / Substrate Analysis / Backside Reflection Correction / Various nk Analysis Model Equation / Absolute Reflectance / Fitting of Analysis Result / Wavelength Dependence of Refractive Index n / Extinction Coefficient k / three dimensional graph
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◆Model number:DHA-OLXS
◆Manufacturer:Mizojiri Optical Industry (Introduction page of product)
◆Use:Non-contact measurement of film thickness, refractive index, absorption coefficient
Maximum sample size…12 inch
Angle of incidence…55° ~ 75° (Variable by 5° increments)
Measuring method…Rotation analyzer method
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◆Name:Surface Profilometry
◆Model number:Alpha-Step IQ
◆Manufacturer:KLA-Tencor (Introduction page of similar product)
◆Use:Measurement of roughness, undulation, step
Measurement method…Stage fixed, sensor driven
Scanning distance…Maximum 10 mm
Scanmimg speed…2 μm / sec ~ 200 μm / sec
Sampling rate…50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 points / sec
Measurement range…±10 μm
Needle pressure setting range…1 mg ~ 100 mg
Step measurement reproducibility…Within the measurement range ± 10 μm, within 8 Å (1 σ)
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◆Name:Resistivity Measuring Instrument
◆Model number:K-705RS
◆Manufacturer:Kyowa Riken (Introduction page of product)
◆Use:Measure the resistivity of semiconductor materials etc. by the principle of 4 probe method.
Measurement method…DC 4-probe method
Measurement item…Ω/□, V/I, Ω-cm
Measurement range…
 Ω/□: 10 μ ~ 5 M
 V/I, Ω-cm: 1 μ ~ 500 K
Thickness compensation…1 μm ~
F2 correction (probe is perpendicular to the boundary)…0.1 mm ~ 9.9 mm
F3 correction (probe is parallel to the boundary)…0.1 mm ~ 9.9 mm
Applied current…
 Ω/□: 453.2 mA ~ 453.2 nA
 V/I: 1000 mA ~ 1000 nA
 Ω-cm: 628.3 mA ~ 628.3 nA
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