Message from the dean of the Faculty of Science (August 8th, 2020)

Request about activities in the summer vacation

During the Covid-19 crisis, we managed to finish the Spring Period Exams, and with this feeling we have entered the summer break. Even at the time of this crisis, I hope everybody can spend a nice summer vacation and start the Autumn Period in very good health. For this purpose, we request to follow the important precautions presented below.

Concerning homecoming, in addition to our school’s notice “Homecoming and travel behavior during O-Bon and other holidays”, please refer to the policies of Shizuoka prefecture and the visiting place(s); and, under adequate dialogue with you family, we request to take actions so that you and your close relatives evade the new Covid-19 disease infection risks.

Basically, you should always refer to the following recommendation from the Government’s Infection Control Measures Subcommittee: “While carrying out the basic infection prevention measures (disinfection of hands and fingers, mask use, loud voice talk avoidance, adequate ventilation), avoid the three Cs (closed spaces, crowded places, close-contact settings) to the utmost, particularly refrain high infection risk settings such as crowded events, and be aware of protecting elderly people from infection.”

As indicated in our school’s notice “Attitude during summer holidays”, from the stance of the New Covid-19 infection expansion prevention, please refrain from participating in parties such as drinking get-together, and activities involving loud voice such as karaoke. In addition, when involving in outdoor activities, first strive to reduce the covid-19 infection risks, but also be careful with nature, properly recognize danger, and please conduct yourself under a well-prepared plan.