Asymmetric Allylation of Aldoxime Derivatives with β-Amidoallylboronate in Water and Its Application to Divergent Synthesis of N-Hydroxy-γ-lactam and 1,2-Oxazinan-6-one
Tetsuya Sengoku, Wataru Anze, Naoya Hasegawa, Yuta Mizutani, Asahi Kubota, Toshiyasu Inuzuka, and Hidemi Yoda
ChemistrySelect 2024, 9, e202400120. (DOI: 10.1002/slct.202400120)

A highly enantioselective amido–functionalized allylation of aldoxime derivatives was achieved in water using O-Boc oximes as substrates under Zn(OH)2-chiral aminophenol catalysis. The products could be transformed into N-hydroxy-γ-lactam or 1,2-oxazinan-6-one, through an acidic treatment or a protection-acidic treatment sequence, respectively.





Journal Information: Impact factor 2.1 (Q3, JCR 2023)