2023年10月30日から11月2日に,アメリカ合衆国テネシー州ナッシュビルにて,IEEE-ECCE(Energy Conversion Congress and Expo)が,Music City Centerで開催され,博士課程1年のファミイスマイル君と,修士2年の河野匠君が研究成果をオーラル発表しました.ファミ君は,分布巻回転子を用いた巻線界磁形モータの設計について,匠君は,多本線持ち分布巻固定子の循環電流の計算・実験結果について発表しました.バンケットでは,地元のカントリーのミュージシャンの生演奏がありまして,盛り上がっていました.ナッシュビルは音楽の街で,ダウンタウンにはライブハウスがたくさんあり,昼でもライブやっていました.

Authors: Takumi Kono, Junichi Asama and Hiroshi Shida
Title: Reduction of Circulating Current by Bundle Inversion in Electrical Machines with Distributed Winding

Authors: Fahmi Ismail Wibisono and Junichi Asama
Title: Wound Field Synchronous Motor Using a Non-Salient Pole Rotor with Distributed Winding


We presented our research on Wound Field Synchronous Motor Using a Non-Salient Pole Rotor with Distributed Winding. The IEEE ECCE is one of the biggest conferences for IEEE Power Electronics and Industry Applications.
It was my first participation in an international conference and I was nervous to present our research in an oral session. We received a lot of insight during the Q&A session and discussion after the oral session for the improvement of our research.It was a great opportunity to interact and discuss with fellow researchers in the same research community and several special session presentations discuss future research and industry opportunities in power electronics and industry applications.For me, it was a great experience to be able to take part in the IEEE ECCE conference not only for the research but also to broaden my perspective and insight on the global world.Additionally, Nashville is famous for country music and culinary, and it’s quite a lively and nice city to visit. (Fahmi)