Message from the dean of the Faculty of Science (May 28th, 2020)

In the Faculty of Science and the GSIST (Graduate School of Integrated Science and Technology) Department of Science, because of the concern about the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we have been carrying out classes based on the policy decided in April. In principle, we avoid face-to-face classes, including lab activities and practical courses, and offer the contents listed in the syllabus of those classes. However, when they are essential, and only if hygiene management can be implemented, we can offer face-to-face classes.

Recently, the state of emergency was lifted all over the country. As a result, the “university activity indicator level” will be reduced from level 4 to level 3 at Shizuoka University from Monday, June 8th, 2020. From this, under the policy of the Faculty of Science and the GSIST Department of Science, we have decided to conduct face-to-face classes of some portion of the specialized subjects, only in indispensable cases (and only when these comply with the hygiene and health regulations).

Unfortunately, from the point of view on the hygiene and health regulations, such as the infectious risk of school attendance and the occupancy rate in the buildings administrated by the Faculty of Science, it is very difficult to start conducting face-to-face classes for all subjects at the same time. Due to this difficulty, it will take some time before we can deal with everybody’s requests. While it may be frustrating, we ask for your understanding.

First of all, it was decided to start face-to-face classes mainly for educational and research activities related to graduation research and master thesis. Infectious risk management of these classes is less difficult than other classes. However, these research activities will only be allowed when the required hygiene and health regulations of the laboratory are in place, and the laboratory members keep control of their physical condition. We will consider the possibility of conducting face-to-face classes of other subjects, exams, or intensive lectures while considering the viewpoint of hygiene management according to future changes in circumstances. These changes will be posted on this webpage, so please check the website regularly. Furthermore, if you have any problems and concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your supervisor or ask questions via the question box.

Since the beginning of the new fiscal year, home-based classes have been performed to respect the stay-home request. During this period, all students and researchers must have been facing difficulties to perform their activities as planned. I believe that this time, due to everybody’s efforts and contrivance, we evaded an infection expansion of the new coronavirus that could have been caused by educational and research activities in the university. I am deeply grateful for your cooperation so far.

Despite facing a new phase from now on, the fundamental concept of “life is the most important” will never change. While we will adapt to this new lifestyle and continue with the same cooperation and understanding hitherto, I believe we will overcome all together every stage related to the new coronavirus infection. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.