• Sample preparations
    1)Drying furnace, (2)Microbalance分解率10μg), (3)auto agate mortar,(4)Isostatic pressing, (5)Home-made tube furnace(programmable maximum 1500℃), (6)High temperature furnace (Max. 1700℃ and gas-flow are avaible),(7)Spark Plasmas Sintering sytem SPS-210SH ((T<2400℃, Force:0.2-21.3kN) (8)Bridgman furnace (Max. 1800℃, Two zones ,(9) RTA (Rapidly thermal Annealing furance)(Heating rate>50℃/min.),(10)Cutter with goniometer, (11)Polishing machine, (12) Quick coater.

drying ovenmicrobalance.jpgIMGP0199

isostatic pressingFurnaceFull-tech-1700C

SPS210SH2Bridgman furnaceMila5000UHV2

Cutter with goniometerPolishingQuick coater2


  • Structural analysis:Powder X-ray
  • Optical observations
    (1)T-variable Polarized-light microscope (Linkam 19100L, T:83K-873K, Lens:x2,x5,x10,x20,x50,x100. For topography observation, ferroelectric domain observation under electric field. With two probe, dielectric measurements for thin film is also avaible. ,(2) Interferometer for linear E-O efficient measurements
Polarization microscopyinterferometer2
  • Electrical measurements
    (1)Poling machine (T-250℃, poling voltage:20kV), (2) Piezo d33/d31 meter(ZJ-6B),(3)Keithley 6517 electrometer/High resistance meter, (4) Precision LCR meter E4980(200Hz-2MHz),(5)FCE-3 ferroelectric measurement system ( D-E loop, Strain-E loop, strain range: 1nm-50000nm, voltage range:0-1o kv , T: 173-473 K, (6) Low-Temperature measurement system (T:4K-450 K, Dielectric, D-E loop, resistance, optical measruements are available,(7) Home-made high-temperature dielectric measurement system (290-1300K, available for thin film measurements)


FCE-3 FEsystemLTS-205-TL-4W-3