Lab Events

研究室イベント/Lab Events/研究室活动




2019/08/19(火曜日,晴れ),Farewell party & Congratulations on the job-getting

2019/08/09(金曜日,晴れ),卒研発表会(Defense for graduation thesis)

2019/06/27(木、雨) さわやか浜松和合店に馬博士の送別ランチ会(Farewell lunch )


2019/04/19(金、晴れ) 2019年度新歓パーティー(Welcome  party  )


2019/03/20 2019年卒業・修了祝賀会(Congratulations party  for the graduation in 2019.)

2019/02/10 2018年度修士論文発表会(Defense for a master’s thesis 2018.)

2019/02/15 2018年度卒研発表会(Defense for graduation thesis 2018.)

2018/12/21 忘年会(Yearend party)


2018/10/10, Welcome and Congratulation party

2018/08/08 Summer Barbecue party.


2018/05/28, Poster presentation at 2018 ISAF-FMA-AMF-AMEC-PFM (IFAPP) Joint Conference at Hiroshima by two M1 students(Oishi gun & Iida gun).

2018/04/19, Welcome party for new members.

2018/03/07, Farewell party held at a Japanese-style pub.


2018/02/21, Defense for master thesis.

2018/02/15, Defense for graduation thesis.


2018/01/09, New-year & Birthday party

2017/12/22. Yearend party


2017/11/23, Poster presentation at International meeting by B4 student.


2017/08/09 Summer Barbecue party

2017/02/28, Farewell party held at a Korean-style pub.

2017/02/21, Defense for graduation thesis.

2016/10/06, Jiao-zi party for new-members and for job-getting & graduate-school-admission .

2016/03/01, Farewell party held at a Japanese-style pub.

2016/02/19, Defense for graduation thesis.


2015/11/10, Lecture by Prof. Li from CAS of China.


2015/10/06, A barbecue party at the balcony of our lab.


2015/06/30, Moving to Building 3


2014/04/10, A barbecue party in the Campus


201402/21,Defense for graduation thesis.

2013/06/12, Visiting researcher (Mr. Wei Zhao) from China.