Visible-light-induced reductive coupling of arylacetylenes with benzothiazole sulfones
Tetsuya Sengoku, Haruka Iwama, Takuma Shimotori, Keisuke Fujimoto, Toshiyasu Inuzuka, Koki Matsune, Hidemi Yoda
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 2023, 88, 12776-12782. (DOI: 10.1021/acs.joc.3c01554)

The reductive coupling of alkyl or benzylic benzothiazole sulfones with arylacetylenes are performed in the presence of Hantzsch esters and K2CO3 under visible-light irradiation. The utility of this protocol is expanded to α-deuterative coupling using a deuterated Hantzsch ester, furnishing the corresponding alkenes with high deuterium incorporation.


Total synthesis and structural confirmation of (±)-spirocollequins A and B
Keita Ichikawa, Toshiyasu Inuzuka, Hidemi Yoda and Tetsuya Sengoku
Tetrahedron Letters 2022, 107, 154109. (DOI: 10.1016/j.tetlet.2022.154109)

The first total synthesis of antiplasmodial isoindolinone alkaloids, spirocollequins A and B, has been accomplished. The proposed structures of spirocollequins have been supported through the comparison of spectroscopic properties of the synthetic samples with those of natural products as well as single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis using a synthetic precursor of spirocollequin B.


A heavy-metal-free desulfonylative Giese-type reaction of benzothiazole sulfones under visible-light conditions
Tetsuya Sengoku, Daichi Ogawa, Haruka Iwama, Toshiyasu Inuzuka and Hidemi Yoda
Chemical Communications, 202157, 9858–9861. (DOI: 10.1039/D1CC03833H) 

A heavy-metal-free desulfonylative Giese-type reaction has been achieved by using Hantzsch ester as a photoreductant under blue light.