Ono/Hori Laboratory
Nanodevices Lab., Advanced Device Research Division
Research Institute of Electronics,
Shizuoka University                        japanese1


2018.1     Paper of KAGRA project, in which Y.O. had participated, published in  PTEP (Ono)
2017.11   Received the 43th JSAP Encouragement Award for Young Researcher (Hori)
2017.10   Recruitment for Specially Appointed Assistant Professor and Postdoctoral  Researcher!!
                        (Application deadline: January 8,2018)

2017.9     Invited talk at Inter-Academia2017,Iasi, Romania(Ono)
2017.9     Received 10th  JSAP Poster Award (Hori,Tsuchiya,Ono)
2017.6     Received Grants-in Aid for Challenging Research (Pioneering) (Ono)
2017.5     Invited talk at IV Bilateral Italy-Japan seminar, Colico, Italy (Ono, Hori)
2017.4     Dr.Toshiaki Tsuchiya joining our group as specially appointed professor
2017.3     Paper published in Applied Physics Letters
2016.12   Paper published in Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 
2016.12   Paper published in Applied Physics Express
2016.11   Invited talk at the 18th Takayanagi Kenjiro Memorial Symposium (Hori)
2016.9     Received JSAP Paper Award (Tsuchiya,Ono)
2017.5     Invited talk at The 6th International Conference on Semiconductor Technology for
                      Ultra Large Scale Integrated Circuits and Thin Film Transistors (Tsuchiya)
2016.4     Invited talk at EMN Meeting on Quantum, Phuket, Thailand (Hori)
2016.4     Received Grants-in Aid for Scientific Research (A)  (Ono)
2016.4     Received Grants-in Aid for Young Scientists (A)  (Hori)
2016.4  Ono/Hori Lab. Kick Off!!