Field lecture in temperate forest ecosystems around Mt. Fuji (International program)

  • 対象:総合科学技術研究科農学専攻(修士)1年および海外の大学生・大学院生【学内・学外】




  • For 1st grade in Department of Agriculture, Graduate School of Integrated Science and Technology, and international students [intra-, inter-] Tenryu branch, South Alps branch, and Fuji branch

    In this lecture, we will visit various types of Japanese forests from warm template forest to sub-alpine forest (timber line at Mt. Fuji). And we learn the feature of forest ecosystems.

    Key words: timber line, natural coniferous forest on lava, gas flux measurement, species diversity, forest vegetation in Japan, etc.

    First half of this lecture is co-held with “Integrated Exercise of Forestry and Ecology” and “Mountain Fieldwork” of Master Degree Program of Mountain Studies.