For ABP applicant

I would like to explain this course.
There is a little bit different with other courses in the graduate
school in our university.
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This course is fundamentally designed for working students to study
management of technology (MOT), not MBA.
The most of our students work in companies in day time and study in
night and weekend in our campus.
So we expect student’s research plan is about a study of a solution for
concrete management problems in their working places or a study of
development of a new business/project/enterprise.

We are always waiting proposals of researches from students.
In other words, we do not provide any research projects you can join.

If you have a research plan, show me.
I will consider and make a decision if your research plan is acceptable.
Your research plan should include,
– description of the problem to be solved, as an introduction,
– research aim and goal of the research, and
– method(s) to reach the goal.

In addition, I/we have to say we have a limitation of capacity of ABP
student per professor per year.
The capacity is one.
So if other students will try to apply to my laboratory, you have to
compete with them.

This is the condition of this course.
If you have other questions, do not hesitate to ask me.

With best regards,
Prof. SUZUKI Yasuyuki,  ph.D.